AVC 796

Rp 2.800.000

Fitur :


–  Kontrol Mouse USb dengan GUI OSD

–  Bisa merekam dengan deteksi gerakan

–  Remote Kontrol

–  Teknologi video H 2.64

–  Mempunyai fungsi Backup

–  Support Audio / video

–  Bisa backup ke dvd

Spesification :

USB Mouse Control with GUI OSD
™ The GUI OSD interface is provided and used with your USB mouse.
Intelligent Motion Recording
™ Only the channel with an event will be recorded to effectively save a significant amount of hard disk space and have the
maximized recording time.
™ Supports pre-alarm recording.
All-Channels Playback Simultaneously
™ Supports all-channels playback simultaneously to quickly preview what happened in each channel.
Remote Surveillance
™ Mobile surveillance via many popular mobile platforms, such as iPhone, BlackBerry, WinCE, J2ME & Android are
supported to fulfill various user demands.
™ Network surveillance via the licensed software ” Video Viewer” , Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome
web browser, and QuickTime player is supported with up to 10 users’ login simultaneously.
Remote Independent Operation
™ Channel switching & video playback are fully independent from the local site, allowing users to have private image
monitoring remotely.
H 2. 6 4 Video Compression Technology
™ Highly improves video quality for live, recording, and network.
™ Recording file size is minimized for longest recording time.
™ Lower bit rate required for fastest network transfer.
™ Allows live display, record, playback, backup and network operation at the same time.
Backup Function
™ Supports DVD writer ( optional) , USB flash drive and network backup.
Audio / Video Support
4 audio-in, 2 audio-out to record sounds.._
™ VGA interface built-in.


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